February 12, 2013

New Aquariums, New Tanks!

So I have been really busy with work now that I am no longer a full time college student! I really enjoy my new job as a Youth Pastor, and I start my part-time job at the YMCA next week! In the meantime, I thought I would take a lil bit to tell everyone what happened after the birthday fiasco.

If you read my last post, you'd know that I bought my mom a medium sized tank, a 45gal on the same day that she came home with a 75gal. Since then, my wonderful Dad has built a stand that holds the 45 gal tank on top, and the 30inch 20 gal tank sits on the bottom shelf. It looks wonderful and we have gotten both tanks set up and fully established. S.D. is very happy in his 45gal tank. The 20 gal is subject to overcrowding, but that happens with guppies.

The 75gal tank is on a gorgeous cabinet my Dad built. It's completely closed in so that we would have a place to store all of the Fish equipment. For Christmas I bought Mom two filters, one submerged filter for 40-65gal tanks, which we are thrilled with for the 45 gal tank, and a Canister filter for the 75gal. We had never used a canister filter before, so we weren't sure what to expect. Canister Filters are generally what aquarium stores use in their tanks, due to the amount of water they can filter.

In our search for filters, being the young techie obsessed kid that I am, I was leaning heavily toward the newest innovation in filters. The Fluval G6, it just sounds like an awesome sports car doesn't it? Anyway, we didn't end up getting the G6, due to the fact that if it broke, it required more computer knowledge than we would know what to do with, and it was very expensive and I had already spent to much money at christmas. I do think that the G6 is the way to go, and if I move out and start my own fish tank again, I think I'll go with it, only if I manage to inherit the 75gal. :)

We went with the regular Fluval, but we went with the Fluval that would run 80-100 gallons, not the one that was made for the 55-75 gal. This is because we wanted to be sure that we weren't going to buy a filter that would be doing all it could do.

June 23, 2011

Summertime, and New Tanks

It has been awhile since I last posted. I have been extremely busy since Graduation from Catawba College. I started a full time job the day after Graduation and I have been going ever since. I have not stopped keeping fish, that is not possible at this point. My Mother's birthday was the beginning of June, and so I bought her a birthday present. If you're smart you probably know what it is. Yep, That's right. I bought my mother a 45gal long, fish tank from GlassCages Inc. The only thing I forgot was to ask her first, cause the day I ordered this huge tank, she comes home with a 75gal, long fish tank from Animal Jungle. That's right, a 45gal, and a 75 gal. in the same house! Not to mention the 3 tanks we had to start with.

Don't panic. I'm not, yet. We rearranged the living room, which hasn't been done in prolly 10 years or more, and managed to make some space, although not enough space to put these tanks anywhere yet. My father is thrilled, because he now has to go through the process of building a unique stand to place these tanks on.

The fact that these tanks are so large also plays into where they will be placed. I'm sure this hasn't been mentioned yet, so I thought I would write about that today. Most people have relatviely small tanks, under 30 gal. is considered small. Anything above that, is medium to large. The wieght that these two tanks we have recently purchased is going to come into play when deciding where we put them in the house. The pressure the amount of water in each tank places makes these tanks apply an extreme amount of pressure. Our most obvious choice for where to place these tanks is in the living room, above where the fireplace used to be. The foundation of our house is most solid there, so all the wieght from these tanks will be held best there.

The downside, Dad has to build the stand, to hold one tank over the other. Both tanks are 48in. long, about 4ft. The 75 gal, is a little bit wider and taller, than the 45gal. but not by much. This should prove to be a fun adventure, I'm not sure how long it will take to set up these tanks, but needless to say my whole family is excited about it.

Now we have to decide what types of fish to put in it, and we need to buy some decor for both tanks!